If It's Not Baroque...

Amanda Marie. Wanderlust and Wonderland.

Got to appreciate and gawk at this today sans the sea of One Spark selfies. #shaunthurston (at MOCA Jacksonville)


So I know I’ve been MIA for a while. I have been so busy I’ve collapsed into my bed in my work clothes more than once in the last couple months. I promise I haven’t been purposefully ignoring the couple anons I got and I will get back to answering and blogging this week!

As far as updates go…

1. I’m officially in the real estate business. Legally and lawfully hired by an agency and everything. Still peddling my Art Handling abilities on the side.

2. Today was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I expect it will get easier every year and one day I won’t only look at today as the anniversary of the tragic loss of a friend 7 years ago. That being said, I count today as a victory.

3. And on a lighter note… this hopeless crush I’ve had for a while really sucks. Someone make it stop or make it happen. Goodness gracious. 

Looking at my Europe pictures makes me antsy. It may not be backpacking, but I need an adventure— and soon.
Catdog dramatically jumps up on the windowsill… Cue Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence.”
The evolution of my cattuccinos seem to be taking a turn this morning. So instead of a progress timeline, here is a grumpy cat photo to symbolize this morning’s defeat.
BIBLIOCLAST (bib’lē-u-klast”)- noun: a person who mutilates or destroys books. 

Tonight! Shedding some light on an otherwise egregious act with this smartly curated show by the lovely @wesleylaine 

Throughout the exhibition, you are invited to donate new or gently used books. In partner with The BookMark, all books will go to a book drive in an effort to spread the love of reading to individuals of all ages.  

Happy reading my friends! 

 (at J. Johnson Gallery)

"A Stare" by Konsta Punkka


"A Stare" by Konsta Punkka

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